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It may be good to share what everyone has been seeing? What are the deer doing in your area? Anyone seeing any rubs or scrapes? I've been out 2 times so far. Both early morning to try and beat the heat. Unfortunately my land is all woods so I try to make the best of it.

Bumped 1, yote chased 2, and seen another Doe. I have not seen any scrapes or rubs yet. It is still early but curious what is everyone else observing?

Happy Hunting everyone.
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Scrapes and rubs all over. I hunted Thursday night and saw 6 does then bumped a couple walking out. One was 30 yards from where I parked my sxs but that can’t be because sxs scare them from a half mile away.
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Had a bunch I could hear before daylight. Saw 1 after but it got into the thick stuff.
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Nice rub. Need to find that monster.
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Acorns are dropping. Thats where I'm seeing deer.
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Update: they were moving early in the afternoon. bumped a doe in the thicket next to the field. Next a doe ran by as I was climbing in the stand. Got slow til about 6 and I could hear them walking all around. I can’t say anything about acorns cause my whole farm has acorns and all you hear are them falling.
A few rubs in Pike County. Daytime pics of bucks in secluded plots. Acorns are falling and brassicas are dead from 3 weeks of no rain...
This cold front should get them moving .. several scrapes along field edges where I was putting in plots. Didn’t notice any rubs ...
Does moving all day, bucks moving all night!
I saw 1 rub on a tree so far....No ground scrapes yet.The Deer have been moving in the early mornings....middle of the day and late evenings here....lots of movement and plenty of sightings here in Perry County!]Just saw a Doe & Fawn in the first bottom field food plot and 2 more Deer came out in the second field.Winds picking up and clouds are rolling in...I may have to leave early if it starts Storming?
Have packs of bucks hitting corn and moving during daylight, but recently that activity has slow d and I think they are on acorns.
Cams show movement day and night for me on both buck and does. No rubs but saw a scrape last week end. Any cool front should be productive.
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