Accidents reports and cwd checking station add-on

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Usually by the end of the main rifle season Mdc used to publish a report of the serious accidents that happened. Last year, and I think even the year before, I didn’t see any such reports/articles. Is that gone for good?

    Also, if we harvest a deer in the cwd monitoring counties outside of opening weekend, would the check stations still be around to test them, and would we have to go to a station in the county we harvested the deer in, or if it’s more convenient could we go to a station in a different county that’s more along the way home?
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    I don't know about the accident statistics. I know mdc keeps those stats and you could call or write the Jeff City office to get them but I don't know if they are published in any handout.
    Mandatory sampling only occurs on opening weekend. If you harvest a deer those 2 days in a county that requires it then you must take it to a sampling station. That station does not have to be in the same county that you harvested the deer. After opening weekend, if you harvest a deer and would like to get it tested then you can take it to a voluntary sampling station (find them at and have it tested.
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