a question about apples.

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    Oct 28, 2014
    Last weekend i went to a Home depot when i heard blue berries were on sale.There were some apple pear and plum that seemed to be a pretty good price so i bought several apple trees and plum.
    When i planted them i found they were rooting in a bag of wood chips, similar to what i am getting from planing hardwood.
    I have a nice red apple tree that split last year from the weight of a bumper crop. It has leaves just emerged. I also have a yellow apple tree that is just budding.
    I took a lot of cuttings. part of which are in a bucket of water. i also filled the containers from the blue berry and a larger container from a yellow apple tree with the planed wood and have them so they will not dry out.
    My question to the experts is whether this will work ?
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    Dec 14, 2009
    Far from expert on the subject at hand. A nursery person would be the expert here. You may get them to put some roots out but they will not be the same tree as the grafted trees they came from because those trees have a root from one and top from another. Hopefully it works out for you.