A few pics from the London KY ASA Limbsaver Pro-Am

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    Jack Caudle Presenting the awards to the Eagle Classes.
    My son won the championship with a personal best score of 30 up, on twenty targets.:woot:


    We also was able to manage another second place finish on the Pro-am team shoot!


    Meeting up with friends is always a plus.
    ( Note Jeff Hopkins over in the right hand corner, I think he was wanting our autograph but was afraid to ask):rof2:


    One of our friends from kentucky taking my money in a 50 yard shoot off .:mad2: Did I mention he is only 12!!


    Lea Hanes from the Tournament Archer Magazine snapped this pic for me. Yes ,I am proud!!

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    We are neighbors
    Congrats. Nice pics
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    :woot::woot: Congrats!
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    Cool Congrats ya'll:eek::
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    Awesome! Your son is REALLY getting good. Love to see him coming along and thanks for sharing!
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    Nice job guys!! :claphands:
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    Good job. Swweeeeettt. :eek::
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    I think I saw Jack shooting against his son in an archery thing on TV the other day? He ended up beating his son in the championship round.

    Looks like fun, thanks for sharing the pics!
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    2nd in the Pro/Am class....I'm guessing Jr is the Pro!!!!!!! Good shootin, Fella's!!!
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    [rquote=1283605&tid=89774&author=fireman_3311]2nd in the Pro/Am class....I'm guessing Jr is the Pro!!!!!!! Good shootin, Fella's!!![/rquote]

    Yes, I just tag along because he cant drive himself:D
  14. FiremanBrad

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    Looks like you're having fun, that's what counts!!!:cheers:
  15. Great job young man! WTG! Thanks for sharing all the pics. Hope to see you at some of these small archery events sometime soon, would love to shoot a round with you folks.

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