a few more atta boys!!!

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    in follow up to pipes post

    I just wanted to say Ive been a small part in a few events over the past several years and i realize with experience things become easier in some ways but this event coming together was more than just that.....

    this deer hunt was by far one of the easiest smoothing events ive been a part of!

    Brian and Jeffs support and the oppertuinty to team up once again with MDC is such a great demonstration of teamwork and what can be accomplished when we all work together.
    we also go to break in a semi new Outreach and Education employee for the North East region of the state it was nice to work with Rob once again.

    I know I have said it before and I realize these guys get paid to do this but words just cant say enough these guys truely earn thier keep and go well above the call of duty!

    We had a great group of kids and parents once again and that sure never hurts in having a successful event.

    MWT's support which was due in part to what each one of the MEMBERS here make possible everyday threw auctions, dontations and the fundraising efforts cudos guys this is the type of events your helping support thank you!

    a BIG special thanks to members Keith (big jake), Bob (pipe), Doug (Brushhog), Jack (nastyjack63), and Jarod (jar jar) for spending the whole weekend guiding and mentoring these new young hunters and all the help with camp THANK YOU!

    Jack (nastyjack63) for help with set up on friday with tents and placing all the blinds for us the pre work is often over looked but a major part in making the event a success

    Matt (big time hunter) that truck load of wood was more appericated than you will ever know man!! also thanks for helping clean up and get everything all put away on sunday afternoon a fresh body sure is nice i know all the guide were wore slick and really glad to have the help!

    Nate (racks-n-beards) and Joe (gamegetter) thanks for stopping by to check and make sure we didn't need any thing and the extra hands shakes and oppertuiny to let the kids tell about thier hunt story again is awesome!

    I hope ive not missed anyone but i am sure i did and i appoliage for that its amazes me still how many people it takes to pull an event like this off and with out each and everyone of you it wouldn't have been nearly as successful!


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    Way to go fellas!!!!
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    atta boys,so jealous it had to be a blast:cheers:
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    Tony........ I know this is/has been a project of yours for sometime now and I/we really appreciate all the hard work you have put into this partnership with the MDC. Sure was good to see so many of the members join in the efforts there.... My thanks to all who helped make this another great outing for Missouri young hunters........ :cheers: :cheers::cheers::claphands::claphands:

    And yes...... MWT member monies and contributions hard at work..... Thanks to all of you that support our online auctions and fund raising events......
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