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A couple from today’s pull

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I want to shoot the one we call "club" with just a beam on the one side, but the rest should all be real nice next year if they make it.
Plant Light Natural landscape Deer Tree

Plant Nature Natural environment Deer Tree

Plant Deer Natural material Natural landscape Tree

Deer Fawn Terrestrial animal Snout Flash photography

Deer Flash photography Fawn Terrestrial animal Reindeer

Flash photography Deer Terrestrial animal Tail Snout

Plant Vertebrate Nature Black Deer

Flash photography Organism Deer Grey Fawn

Flash photography Deer Sky Gesture Grey

Plant Deer Natural landscape Fawn Grass
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You have a weird fu cker there
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agree that you have a great future crop of deer, have fun and good luck! I hope a stomper shows up for ya!
Looks good, ya the funky rack wouldn't get a pass, would make a cook Euro
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