375 Hornady 115gr XTP's
928 Hornady 115gr XTP Critical Defence
822 Hornady 115gr HAP
716 RMR 115gr HP's
933 RMR 124gr "NUKE'S"
All are HP bullets

Over 3775 bullets, I rounded down when counting. Selling all as one lot, shipping would be a PITA if sold separately.
$525 shipped or if you live near Butler we could meet up some where and I would take $500. Hell of a deal for someone reloading 9mm, easily less than half the cost of buying somewhere else.

I also have a couple sets of reloading dies, Lee and RCBS if I remember correctly, would have to look. Also have close to 1000-1500 rounds of once fired name brand brass, Win, Fed, Starline, if interested in any of this we could strike up some sort of deal.
I would also be interested in making some type of trade on all of the above towards a lower end 1911 pistol chambered in .45ACP, Rock Island, Taurus, Girsan, ect. This would have to be a face to face deal as I no longer have an FFL in my area.
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