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935 is waitn' Layaway.

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Went with the new ol' Mossberg 935. Had a Nova, but it just wasn't right, for me. :sniper: Hoping it's a good shooter.:hysterical:

I'm just a SBEII wanna be.:D
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Wish I had a place to mortage.:D M4 Special Forces Edition Coming up!:sniper::cheers:

That Benelli should be the :toilet:
Originally posted by Rebelcj7
X Bow T i sure love my 935 :cheers:
That's what I wanted to hear!:cheers:

What X Full Choke do you use?

I like pickin' the "ugly duckling", it doesn't always have to be the " BEST/Highest Priced " piece of equipment to function.... well. :D

Turks watch out.:sniper:

I sold the NOVA to Crusader. It just wasn't a "Stealth" of a shotgun.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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