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Not decided for sure,but thinking about selling/trading it.I hate to get rid of it,inherited it when my father in law passed.Family wants me to keep it,but no one wants to share the expenses,they just want to borrow it when something needs hauled.
Would really like to trade it for a small boat I can pull with my PT Cruiser(4 cylinder)..thinking around 1K$ ?

1988 f-250 ext cab
heavy duty
2 wheel drive auto w/OD
trailer/off road package
460 CI
200,000 miles
will need tires

Has a lot of little things wrong..a/c needs something....p/w-p/l work when they want to,topper has leaks...and so on

Pulled my car 1800 miles back from Fl. with it,no problems beside trying to pass a gas station...got around 8-10 mpg.
Has the yellow paint now

Send me a U2U if any interest,much easier to talk on the phone than type a bucnh of Q&A back and forth


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