820-pound Wild Hog

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    Agreed. Grandpa kept only one boar and his main job was making little bacons. His sows were kept for bearing those little bacons. He would take one of the piglets and cut him and start pouring on the feedbag until he was nice and fat. They used every part of the pig including all that fat. Ever heard of lie soap? I have the old iron kettle that Grandma made her lie soap in. I barely remember all that but they lived the simple life and were never hungry.
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    Lye, and it dries out poison Ivy better than anything else I have ever used.

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    My wife makes Soap it is better than Store bought. I use Tea Tree Oil Soap and don't need no Deodorant. If I use Store bought I do.

    We butchered Hogs at around 300 pounds. One of my Jobs was to cook the Fat.

    I got to where I wasn't to have any Fat so I sold some Butcher Hogs to the Amish. They put them on a diet because they was too fat.


    :D The Big Grin is a Little Fat Girl.