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6.3 million women in the sport

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See there are 6.3 million females out there that are perfect for Lefty's web site!!!:rotfl:

Industry Helps Growth of Women in Hunting and Shooting Sports

National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) — 2/13/2006

LAS VEGAS — Participation by women in hunting and shooting sports has jumped in recent years, and may jump even higher in years to come.

Christine Godleski, vice president and general manager of ESPN Outdoors, predicts that growth will continue thanks to the television shows, magazines, grassroots programs—and especially the many new products—that appeal to women.

Godleski made her prediction during her keynote address to a capacity crowd Friday at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show's annual Women in the Industry luncheon at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

"Participation among women in hunting and target shooting rose from 4.2 million to 6.3 million between 1999 and 2004," Godleski said. "It's the grassroots initiatives and volunteers that encourage women to go out and try it and from positive exposure by the television media and all the women's publications that are out there."

Godleski said programs like the National Shooting Sports Foundation's STEP OUTSIDE, the National Wild Turkey Federation's Women in the Outdoors, the National Rifle Association's Women on Target, and Becoming an Outdoors Woman are just some of the initiatives that are helping women become more involved in the outdoors.

Television programming like the ESPN Great Outdoor Games, ESPN 2's Get Wild with Cindy Garrison and other ESPN Outdoors shows are seen by millions, shining a spotlight on women who enjoy hunting and shooting, Godleski said.

"The numbers are up, participation is up and we have plenty of opportunities to take that six million to a much higher number," Godleski said.

Garrison—who travels the country and the world on hunting, shooting and fishing pursuits on her show each week—said a lot of women are intimidated by shooting and hunting, but they shouldn't be.

"What a lot of people don't realize is that it's not just about killing something or shooting a gun, it's about conservation and it's about just getting out there—getting out of the city, getting out of the house and enjoying the outdoors," Garrison said.
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Did you ever think that this might be one reason the popularity of hunting is dropping off?

I'm serious here. Example;

Deer season comes along and wiff says "I think I'd like to go hunting with you this year honey." Husband says, "I think I'll take up golf."

I ain't sayin it's true........just trying to throw out another opinion.....and get this discussion :smiley: :D
I agree hthrly, I believe the target group should be "Single Moms" because the figures are staggering on how many of todays kids are being raised by them. (Not bad-mouthing, just stating the fact.)

If the "single Mom" gets involved somehow, that might translate into more kids getting involved.

There's gotta be an answer out there somewhere. It sure ain't on a soccor field............."yeah kids, lets go join the soccor league! learn something that will benefit you the rest of your life!" :bangin:
Originally posted by cfrazee_mo

Steve and DSG in business together with a bunch of single women~~~~~~~ This might be bad!!!
Again, all joking aside I think that is an excellent idea. DSG has been pondering this exact situation for some time now. (I'm sure this suprises EVERY single one of you.) And hthrly might be JUST the person to approach something like this with.

There has got to be a way. And NOBODY is really doing it.
Originally posted by cfrazee_mo

stated again!!!
You are bound and determined to get this discussion off track and into the damm gutter with YOUR mind ain't you woman? It ain't gonna work with DSG. :bangin:

Ohhhhhhhh cfrazee,.......you are so open from SO many different angles right now but I will remain a gentelman and keep my pie hole shut. :)

Now Hthrly, how do we go about this venture any way? Where do we start?
Originally posted by hthrly7
I'm thinking a support group of sorts with tutoring for the moms. Take them out and show them how to hunt and fish so they can pass it on to little billy.
Wow. I like the idear. It's gonna have to be very labor intensive though. Will need lots of volunteers. AND a sponsor!
Originally posted by Lefty

I had the idea to set-up a website, well a dating website that would help men and women whom were outdoor enthusiasts get together...
If I ever pursue this, well we'll see! :pop:
There already is one, it's called "Yahoo Personals" check it out. Just go DO a search for a female of your age liking Lefty and put in the searchword "hunting" and see what you come up wiff.

Just let me warn you in advance. It ain't pretty. :bangin: Unless of course you prefer the kind that you gotta strap a feedbag on.

Now. :smiley: or Ms "C" is gonna start thinking nothing she posts is ever taken seriously. :rotfl:
Sounds good to me lefty.

So you are saying you won't allow no fat chicks into your "site?" That sounds even better! :cheers:
Actually I like your idea............I'm not against fenced hunts like a lot of people are! ;)

But I still prefer the "wild" experience! :D
or staged........or if alchohol was involved "drugged" :confused:
Start another one. You have my word that I will not hyjack it. :wink:
For the record, I did not hyjack this one. And the fact that you have no new material? That is supposed to suprise someone? :stickfight:

Frankly, I tried to keep this one on track but gave it up as a futile effort.
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