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I'm selling my film deer cam because I'm upgrading to a digital cam that I'm building. I built the camera from Jesse's Homebrew Cameras.

1. Owl PF Camera
2. Velleman P8015 Controller (Manual)
3. PIR
4. Ammo Case
5. Chain (No Lock)

See Picture....

Sale Price: $45 (recommendation 6 volt battery minimum)
Sale Price: w/ New Battery $63.00 (Battery = 12v 7.0 amp lead acid)

The battery (12volt) lasts approximately 4 - 8 rolls of 24 exposure film before recharge. I usually used speed 200, so the pictures aren't so graining. As you can see from the pics, they're very good. If you're an electronics guru, you can expand or modify as you please, great start for that. The camera is setup to last in the field, versus weekly maintenance/checking. Approximately 3 - 4 weeks, maybe more in the field. In fact, the film will run out before the battery does. I'd recommend a 36 roll, or better for optimum. If you can find those big rolls.

Currently set:
1. PIR Trips - Controller waits 2 seconds
2. Controller releases to take picture
3. Controller waits 8 - 12 hours for another pic.
4. Repeat process

I prefer pics over a longer period of time versus pics 2 - 10 minutes apart. This way you burn up film fast, of which I couldn't replace the film every week. If you want this setup, you'll need to reset the controller per the manual.
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