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Took my climber in last night and made a quick set up on what I believed to be a food source for the deer although I hadn't spent any time over there so I was just guessing. I had no idea what to expect...sure enough at 3 p.m. the woods directly behind me explode with the sounds of bucks chasing a doe. They wouldn't clear brush but I could see a nice buck raking a tree and another two smaller ones being chased off by this guy. Figured what the heck so I hit the Vector a couple of times and boy did that ever set em off.
Had a fork buck walk under me first, followed by a half rack ten pnt. that had just shed half his rack, and then this guy. Hunting in the middle of the city on Dec. 22nd, there was no way he was getting a free pass. The muzzy did it's job at 15 yds..and after a 60 yd. run he piled up.
No field pics yet as it was way late, I was all alone, and it was raining when I got him out last night.

Parker - Thanks man, like always the Vector did it's job.

Was thinking bout another trip up north but I've decided I'm done for the year. Been one of the best and worst years ever for me, but I did learn that even if you don't smoke a big un in Nov. not to give up because Dec. hunting can be awesome.
Good luck to those of you still hunting...I'm done until Sept. 2010.

[file]86148[/file] [file]86150[/file]

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