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Up for auction is a WILD quail and pheasant hunting trip for 2 people. This online auction will end at 5pm on Friday, 2/17. Final bidding will take place Saturday 2/18 after the Pheasant hunt fundraiser event, where proxy bidding is welcome.

-This is going to be located on a 380 acre farm in north central MO near Macon.
-If you don't have a dog, the landowner will provide a dog.
-Lunch will be provided.
-The hunt will take place from roughly 9:30am-4:30pm.
-Bring your favorite shotgun and shells.
-The hunt will take place after Thanksgiving 2023.

Bidding starts at $100.

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This landowner allowed MDS to deer hunt his farm for the first time this year. When Jack took us in there to show us around, we flushed a 15ish bird covey from the end of the barn. This place has been managed for quail for 20 years. Lots of fence rows, draws & warm season grass. This place for sure has quail to chase. Here's the aerial of the place. NW corner was planted in beans this year. Field in the middle was planted in corn. All other open space is warm season grass.

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