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2019 Deer Contest sign-up thread

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Let's get this show on the road....
Please post your user name in this thread to be entered in the 2019 deer contest.
Only one post is needed.
Team sizes will depend on how many entrants there are.

Every deer killed is worth points which will be tallied and whichever team has the most points at the end of this year's deer season will win.

Does are worth 1 point
Bucks are worth 1 point per antler point (1" min)

If you shoot the deer with a legal archery method, then you double your points.
EX: If you kill a doe with a bow...you get 1x2=2 points and if you kill a 10 point buck with a bow...you get 10x2=20 points. Pretty simple.

Soon after teams are made I will create a CONTEST ENTRIES thread.
Deer entries must include: your team name, method of kill, how many points, and a picture of your deer. A nice picture including you and a big smile won't get you bonus points, but it's always enjoyable to see well put together pictures!

Any deer (whitetail, mule deer, blacktail, and coues) killed, no matter what state, will count toward that teams points. It goes without saying, but they must be legal kills.
There is a 3 buck and 6 doe limit per team member (6 doe limit pertains to antlerless tags). You can enter up to 9 does if you choose in place of your buck tags.

This contest will begin Sept 6th 2019 and will end January 15th 2020 - All entries must be posted no later that 11:59 p.m. on Jan. 16th 2020.
If you hunt a state that's season starts before Sept 6th, just save your deer to enter once the contest begins. (ex: early mule deer hunt or August TN hunt)
You must be signed up by 1800CST on Sept 6th 2019.
Teams will be randomly drawn.

This is a fun contest only......please keep this in mind.
This contest is completely free to enter.
The winners will receive bragging rights for a full year!:tup:
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Put me in coach hoping it'll be my year :guitar:
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