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I haven't been on in a while and to be honest have been to busy to post much. But my boys absolutely piled up the meat. Twins got drawn for a managed hunt in Booneville. Here's some pics of there success. Travis killed a doe and button. Trey killed a doe. All with me sitting with them the first morning. Travis shot the lone doe right at shooting light. 20 mins later Trey shoots the momma doe and button hangs around long enough for Travis.
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Opening day of youth I'm sitting with Easton 9yr old. He makes a great shot on a big dry doe. She was bigger than the picture shows. View attachment 130149
While we are tracking Eastons doe we hear a shot and Travis killed a yearling with my dad. In 6 years this is the first deer killed while my dad was the actual adult guide. He's not much of a deer hunter and just volunteers his time during youth weekend.
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During the first Tuesday of regular riffle season I was scheduled to referee a basketball game. So momma takes Trey after school. I got a text at 3:45 that they were in the blind and ready. At 3:52 I get a text that Trey shot. So I made the 5 mile drive to help track. By the time I got there they had found the deer and was starting to get it cleaned up. I got it home in time to skin and quarter it before my game. No picture on this computer.

For me, I hunted the lease amount I have ever hunted. Tore my meniscus in September and had surgery October 4th. Maybe bow hunted 5 times before rifle season. Killed a 8 point Sunday afternoon durning opening weekend. Was a bigger deal to me than actual deer. Sometimes who your with and where you harvest the deer is more important. Was hunting with my 72 year old neighbor in his lease and was able to harvest a deer out of his main stand. He usually doesn't allow me in this stand because he goes there everytime. But on this night he didn't want to walk the distance to it. So I volunteered.
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So to tally our season, that's 7 deer by our family. On 3 different places.
Travis 3
Trey 2
Easton 1
Daddy 1
Mom and Grandpa were successful guides. Our best season so far.
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