2014 MWT Turkey Contest

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting General' started by venatic, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. venatic

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    Sorry about getting this out REALLY late.

    This is the Official Spring Turkey Sign Up Thread. Pretty much the same rules as last year.

    Sign up in this thread if you want to participate in the spring turkey contest. Also, post the dates of your season if you will be hunting somewhere with dates different than MO or KS.

    Teams of 3 or 4 will be drawn depending on how many folks sign up

    2 entries per hunter
    beard(s) + spur length = (score in inches)
    1'' extra awarded for birds taken by Muzzleloader.
    2'' extra awarded for birds taken by Archery methods.
    The team with the highest number of total inches wins.

    All entries must be submitted with a photo.

    Measure both spurs and the longest hair on the beard(s) to the nearest 1/16 inch.

    Only 2 birds may be entered per hunter and once a bird is entered, it cannot be changed.

    Cut off to sign up is Sunday, April 20 at 5 PM CDT.

    Teams will be drawn as soon after that as possible to give everyone a chance to make plans and start the smack talking.

    The contest will run until May 31. Any turkeys taken in this spring's season will count towards your team's points.

    There will be another thread created closer to the start of the contest for official entries. All contest entries must be posted in that thread with a picture to count towards the contest.

    Don't let how much or how little you will hunt make a difference, the contest is for fun and should be.

    Please don't post in this thread except to sign up. I don't want to omit anyone that signs up and gets missed in a thread swerve. [​IMG]

    Posts that are not related to signing up, will be pruned from the thread to help me keep from losing my mind. [​IMG]
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    Turkey Contest

    Count me in
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    Cliffhanger has offered to tie me up a bird this year, so I guess that means I better play. Put Jenny in as well, Linda might give her a turkey killing lesson. :)
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