2010 colorado trip

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    heres a pic of the one deer i couldnt believe he was still in velvet we killed this one the last day we was there up until the last 3 days we seen more legal bulls than we did deer. he is a 3x3 with one sticker on his main beam he was 200yds shot him with a 7 mag and he didnt go anywhere im happy with him for my first mule deer


    heres the bull hes a 4x5 dont have a field pic of him because it was snowin so hard we couldn't see when we went in to pack him out and we didnt want to get the camera wet we killed him on the second day of season we saw 4 legal bulls when we shot this one but three of them were out of range. we saw one huge 6x6 but he was about 800yds we was tryin to get in range of him then this one stepped out at 600 and i dropped him with the 300 weatherby


    [file]144020[/file] [file]144022[/file]




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    dont we just LOVE these kind of posts? :D

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    [rquote=1869643&tid=130150&author=knockemdeadd]dont we just LOVE these kind of posts? :D


    Um, NO! :soapbox::stickfight::mad2::rules:

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    Good stuff. Love them hunts in the mountains, but haven't ever done it this late in the year. Congrats. :cheers: :claphands: :eek:: :wave:
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    That buck in velvet will make a :eek:: mount. Congrates on a good hunt.:claphands:
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    Man that is awesome. Congrats on a great hunt!

    Cant wait to get out there one of these days.:cheers: