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Last deer season I hooked a Buddy heater up to a full propane tank with a 10ft. hose. I could not get the heater to light, it was like the hose was stopped up. The heater ran great with the one pound bottles though. I have learned since that you have to slowly open the valve on a 20lb. tank when you have a longer hose connected to it or a safety will engage and cut off the flow, I think that is what happened. I now have to find a way to disengage that safety so the propane will flow again. I have turned the tank over and sloshed the liquid. I have whacked the valve also and so far it is still not giving up the propane. Anyone know how to disengage this safety?? Thanks.
The opd valve should only quick in if the tank has been over filled.

I'd just take it and swap it for a new one.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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