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Started the day out yesterday sitting in the truck waiting on the thunder and lightning to pass... Got set up on a cut bean field I had to leave a gobbler and hen Friday am as I had to head to work.
Heard 2 gobbles, one on the roost and one at fly down.... he was real close. Not a peep after that until I struck up a lippy hen hours later. Worked her into the dekes after a long drawn out argument, she hits the filed edge, cuts 2 fighting cackles and literally runs through the dekes at full speed and proceeds to keep running across a few 100 yards of field. Kinda strange...
Back to silence at 11 I'm glazed over bored and gonna pick up and work my way out. As I grab the first deke I heard a distant gobble, so back under the cedar it is.
Grab the ceramic VECtor and randomly grabbed a striker I've carried but never used. Thomas gobbles at every frickin' noise that call makes. He's coming in hot, problem is I'm set up facing the field edge and the bird is in the timber and a bit uphill behind me. I can't turn my chair or get up to reposition, sooooo I jam the call between my knees, get as turned around as I'm gonna get, get the gun up... Sumb*tch gets to less than 10 yards from me. Gobbling, cutting himself off and gobbling more. Catch a glimpse of his noggin and it's gone. I manage to get the striker on the call without looking and gobble, gobble gobble gobble... Finally he peeks up out of the little ditch he'd been pacing back n forth in. TSS time through the cedar limbs and brush. He was flopping at straight up noon. Fatty beard and good hooks... somehow the tip of one broke after the shot.


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I love those late morning birds that strike up. To me its more fun than the classic right off the roost kills.

Congrats. 馃

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I killed one behind me about the same way last year. I got turned around just in time to be pointed in the right direction when he showed up.

Well done wingsy
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Nice shootin Tex!

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Nice job Greg. Strong finish. (y)
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