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2 duck calls for sale

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like brand new echo drt acrylic and hedge echo xlt. $75 each shipped
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Any Moneymaker duck calls for sale. I hear your a champion at blowing them things. Take care money
Don't you have some MoJo spinners and teal+ mallard dekes for sale too?
Yes 2 dozen texas rigged mallard decoys and 6 bwt decoys ,mojo bwt,mojo woodie,$80 and excellent pair of size 13 1600 gram cabelas waders $100
Bill, FB Marketplace is undercutting you...
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Thats ok mine are like new and not gonna take less then what i put for anything. They dont take up much room
Just razzing you Bill!!! Good Luck selling
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No weight in them. Anyways would trade for STI 140mm 40 caliber mags,40 caliber once fired brass,Missouri Bullet company 180 grain coated 401 diameter tcfp bullets
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