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folks first and foremost this is a shooter grade. I bought this rifle a few years back but I walked into a mint 1958 Mountie and have to get rid of something. The original butt stock was destroyed on this so it has a factory replacement. This happened before I bought it. Blueing is a little thin and there is some freckling on the receiver and magazine tube. I would prefer to sell this one face to face so the buyer can decide if they like it. Some folks would have no issue with this one for a non collector, use in the field rifle. Some though would not because it really can never be a collector piece. I’m starting at 400.00 and we can negotiate if you feel the need. If interested send me a pm with your cell# and I’ll text pics. Please done ask if you know you really won’t buy it, but if you are interested by all means I’ll accommodate. I’m in the south county area. Thanks.
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