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Yesterday with the Husqvarna sort of fanned an ember into a flame sooo...I pulled another of my favorites from the toy box and played with it a little this morning. My unmucked with 1908 Mannlicher/Schoenauer I bought I think 2 years ago. All 1908's were originally chambered in the 8 X 56 M/S cartridge, not a lot different from the Mauser 8 X 57, differing mostly in velocity and pressure rating. Some were later opened up to the 8 X 57 Mauser and the conversion worked fine. I don't remember the proof date of mine exactly other than I know it is in the 1920's. The Husky is from the 1930's. Those old Mannlicher/Schoenauers were smooth as a hot knife through warm butter....nothing compared before nor has since. Fine rifle, funn to shoot, accurate enough and all original. The key tag is a reference for where to hold. I can't remember all the sight settings for my various rifles!!!

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The sights are a bit finer on the M/S as compared to the Husqvarna and I simply don't see them as well. The rifle is also Stutzen stocked and has a 17 1/2 in. barrel and is an absolute delight to carry. Being equipped with double set triggers that helps but either I don't shoot it as well or the rifle and load are not quite as accurate. Probably some of both. The load is re-formed R-P cases, 20.5 grs. of IMR-4227, open cell foam filler under a 197 gr. bullet, gas checked and cast from an Accurate mold, alloy is 50/50, lead/lino. Ballistics are; 1948 avg. velocity, ES of 12.2, AD of 4.1, SD of 5.2 with 1660 fpe ....if the energy number meant anything. The bullet hole on the line of the 8 & 9 ring was first shot and before a minor sight adjustment. As with nearly all my rifles I have a jacketed and cast load worked up. With this one the jacketed bullet doesn't beat the velocity of the cast load by much, not quite 200 fps and, accuracy is about equal. The jacketed loads mostly take up space on the shelf.

Now I think I'll go pilfer through the safes and see what else might need shot......:D

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