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Opening day was fairly quiet. Didnt here a lot of Gobbling. Did work one bird into range and a :mad2: hean intercepted!! Rest of morning----nothing.

Tuesday. A lot of gobbling! Worked on 2 Gobblers. Got gobbler #1 within about 50-70 yards but too much brush in the way. Gobbler #2 snuck around behind me and gobbled about 20 yards away!! My dad saw the # 2 gobbler about 20 feet behind me when I spooked him and # 1 Tom. Moved to a different ridge at about 8:00 when we heard about 2 or 3 gobbles. Called for about 20 minutes when 3 jakes appeared and ended bagging the first Jake. 4 inch beard and weighed about 15 lbs.

Wednesday. Went out to be a guide and caller with my dad. We heard about 2 or 3 distance gobbles. Everything was quiet, no Gobbles or hen sounds, the birds seemed to vanished. Hunted till 11 am and went in for lunch. I will go out next week
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