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12-12-2009 rabbit hunt - 2 Mo limits great day in the field

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Had a good rabbit hunt today. We dropped hounds 7am and was back at the truck by 2pm. Dogs ran rabbit after rabbit thier was very little down time between rabbits. Leah as usual retrieved a few rabbits for me today you can see that in the video clip I have made. Was just me and my hunting partner for the day Brian and we both got our limits. 6 rabbits a person. I think the dogs ran 15 or so different rabbits. A few got away from us have no idea what happened. Most of them the dogs circled a time or two. One run lasted a good 40 minutes with very little break downs. Over all it was a great day to rabbit hunt. Nice and cold out with a overcast entire day. We ran into a few other beaglers and seemed as if their vest pouches were just as full. I managed to get one quail which I'm proud of. We kicked up a covey of about 10 and I was only able to get one.



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My wife told me that I am being rude and pushy by inviting myself or somehow pressuring you into taking me rabbit hunting. While I normally don’t pay much attention to her, I started thinking about it and she may be right. I know my hunting time is valuable to me and I usually have family and close friends that I share that with. I apologize if I’ve put you in an awkward situation or taken advantage of your good nature. It is absolutely alright for you to just say “Sorry MOGC, I only hunt with family and friends and not some schmuck I don’t know anything about from the Internet.†If that is the case I completely understand that. :D
no....you're fine I don't mind taking MWT members out for a rabbit hunt. I've made a few threads looking for people to come along with us. I had mohunter32 out not to long ago he seemed like he had a great time with us. Maybe he'll chime in and tell you about it. I've hunted with several MWT members this past couple years. Everyone has been great so far. So come on up this weekend and we'll pound the ground and tear some **** up. I'm hoping it'll be a great hunt for you cause I don't want to waste your time and all. I can't promise we'll all get our limits but I'm sure we'll all get a chance to fire off some rounds. I hope to hunt with somemore MWT members in the future.

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I could probably make it up on Sunday if you plan on hunting this Sunday. How far will be be going from your area? An hour or two? Maybe we should work out details via personal message?
:mad2::mad2:DANG DIAL-UP!!!

Sure wish I could watch your vids Joe.

Congrats on a great hunt!:eek::
thanks shedhead. the video shows a little bit of the dogs pounding and several retrieves from my beagle named leah. After you shoot a rabbit you just wait once they find it dead she'll grab it and bring it to me and only me. its way to cool.
Thats cool Joeyman, I have 1 beagle female that will do that but the others won't.
Glad to see someone is finding some rabbits.
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