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  1. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    Cut down 20 plus large cedars on a north facing slope.grove. They were all together in a large grove. Now what to do? Burn them to stimulate new growth or just let nature slowly deteriate them while stuff grows up slowly? Deer and turkey habitate improvement is my mission. Small game third on...
  2. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    I've been slowly working on about 8 acres of Timber Stand Improvement/Forest opening on my 40 acre farm. The basic summary of my farm is mostly a large creek bottom with a north and south ridge with a diverse timber. I have two alfalfa fields for horse hay/deer attractant. What I lack is the...
  3. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    I've got a question for all of you that have done TSI. What has worked and what would you do differently? I've got a 37 acre farm I purchased three years ago. I put in two 4 acre alfalfa fields (green) horse hay and the rest is woods. I thought the alfalfa would be a big draw for deer but it...
1-3 of 3 Results