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  1. Whitetails General
    It's possible that one or both of my questions have been answered elsewhere, and if that is the case, I'd appreciate it greatly if someone would point me in the right direction. I tried searching on my own but came up short. Long story short, I'm trying to catch up on all of the rules &...
  2. Photo Gallery
    Anyone else like to get close and personal with nice bucks during the summertime? Was a great encounter - not losing sleep over bumping him after a while either, he was definitely out feeding in the same area the next day, so don't get too riled up. The Video Shows it better.
  3. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    A rumor is circulating about MDC land allowing e-bikes everywhere. How will this effect public hunting? I can see a lot more cons vs pros. What do you think?
  4. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    I’m from East Tn. and I’m thinking about traveling to Missouri to deer hunt during the rifle season. Would anyone be willing to give me some suggestions on public land rifle hunting. Any info would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  5. Turkey Hunting General
    Howdy All Really like the look of this Forum. Love that posting seems pretty frequent and am sure it will be another go to spot for information. First, a little background. I grew up in the wilds of Alaska, spending more than 30 years hunting and fishing all the Great Land...
  6. Whitetails General
    After this season, I’ll officially be a land owner so I’m giving up the goods. River Round Conservation Area in Franklin County: The overwhelming majority of tracks there are greater than 4 fingers wide. I've spotted several 8 and 10 point bucks that I couldn’t get within range. Its bow and...
  7. Archery Hunting
    I just moved to MO for school and I am trying my hand at hunting public land. I called my local conservation officer and she said Pacific Palisades was my best bet. Anyone ever hunted there or hunted there recently? Any tips for a man who grew up on pine farms and food plots? Thank you. You...
  8. Whitetails General
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I a looking for some advice on hunting deer in southern Missouri. I live in central Illinois and I am going to be visiting family near St. Louis in late December. I would like to hunt public land during the 12/23-1/2 muzzeloader season. This is the first year my...
  9. Out of State Hunts, Stories & Pics
    Last archery season we tried something different, we hunted on public land for the first time and it paid off. Deer Hunting Video>>
  10. Announcements, Site Help, and Suggestions
    Need to find a good destination for five good old boys to get away to bow hunt a few days the first week in Oct up in NE MO. Can anybody recommed some areas. Ideally 500 to 1000 acres, remote, low traffic surrounded by agriculture thick with non infected deer. Thats not that tall an order is...
1-10 of 10 Results