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  1. Whitetails General
    Good evening everyone. So I think I’m just about prepped for my first hunt. Not sure where to go as I’m brand new to the area and brand new to hunting this year. Got my bow set, scent mask and scent bombs, as well as a blind. Hoping to have a successful first hunt as I look forward to a great...
  2. Turkey Hunting General
    Howdy fellow Gobbler Grunts!!! My first post went so amazing, figured I'd start a second one. Also, there was so much great information given in the last one, it got pretty long, so didn't want new information to get buried at the end of it. Been spending as much time as possible the last few...
  3. Turkey Hunting General
    Howdy All Really like the look of this Forum. Love that posting seems pretty frequent and am sure it will be another go to spot for information. First, a little background. I grew up in the wilds of Alaska, spending more than 30 years hunting and fishing all the Great Land...
1-3 of 3 Results