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  1. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    We are selling Quercus prinoides, Dwarf Chinkapin acorns again this year. Pricing for 2021 season will be: ½ pound for $11.50 plus shipping (estimate 90-100 acorns) 1 pound for $23.00 plus shipping (estimate 180-200 acorns) Acorns are sourced from our property near Dubuque, Iowa. Zone 4 -5...
  2. Deer Management, Habitat & Conservation
    We have Dwarf Chinkapin Acorns for sale. Acorns come from near Dubuque, Iowa. Price is $20/lb plus shipping. Please contact us if you are interested. Pat Hayes - [email protected] (563) 542-2960 Thanks, White Water Native Seeds
1-2 of 2 Results