The 2013-14 Missouri Deer Season by the numbers

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    According to the MDC, over a quarter million deer were harvested by all methods this last season. We have the numbers and the analysis direct from the survey to find out just how your area stacked up against the rest of the state.


    Firearms it is

    Like usual, the highest number of deer harvested overall were during the firearms season, with some 157,272, almost 62% of all deer, taken during that season. However youth hunts accounted for nearly 20,000 all by themselves and unlike the regular season, most of these were antlered bucks by more than a 2:1 ratio--proving that Missouri youth hunters can hold their own with their parents and grandparents.


    Missouri Bowhunters brought in over 50,000 deer, including an impressive 19,934 antlered bucks, which is a dramatic improvement from last year\'s 17,961 bucks taken by bow.

    Down from last year overall

    While this year\'s grand total of 252,574 bucks is impressive, it is the lowest total in the past five years. When compared to last year\'s numbers, in fact, it is down nearly a quarter.

    • 2012-2013 Season: 313,254 deer harvested
    • 2011-2012 Season: 293,527 deer harvested
    • 2010-2011 Season: 276,650 deer harvested
    • 2009-2010 Season: 301,187 deer harvested

    This is evidence of the increasingly small size of the state\'s deer herd. A hemorrhagic disease outbreak in 2012 followed by two years of draught that limited the amount of food available that reduced local populations in several herds.

    Not all is lost, however, in 1925, the size of the herd was only about 400 animals, so through conservation, this trend can likely be reversed.

    Highest and lowest counties


    The state varied widely in the numbers of deer harvested this season. Much of it was by area, with the lowest reports coming from the Mississippi river counties in the southeast (Mississippi, New Madrid, Pemscott, etc.) and the highest coming in the buck-rich pockets of Howell-Texas-Oregon counties and the Calloway-Osage-Franklin county areas in central Missouri.

    The title of lowest harvest in the state goes to Pemiscot County with 192 total deer including 73 does, 17 button bucks and 102 antlered bucks. This bayou-laden area accounted for just one deer for about every 100 residents.

    This is contrasted with Howell County where they took a massive Howell County 4854 total deer including 2291 does, 649 button bucks, and 1914 antlered bucks. That\'s one deer for every ten residents in the rural Ozark county.

    For the full reports go to the MDC website and visit their interactive map here

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