Reasons Why Non-Residents Should Bow Hunt In Missouri

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    This is a forum for those who live in Missouri, but it is also a great time to make a sales pitch to non-residents who are thinking of bow-hunting out of state. Not everyone in the country has access to healthy bucks, and the regulations for hunting in certain states or cities can be rather stringent. And Missouri can be a great vacation destination, along with being a great locale for finding prime buck in the woods. In the spring 2014 edition of North American Whitetail, the state of Missouri was pegged as the number one destination for bow hunting, especially DIY whitetail hunting.


    Hunting is not only great for Missouri residents, but outsiders as well. Non-residents can get a permit for $225 ($19.00 for residents), which includes archery tag of either sex, antlerless whitetail hunting, and two turkey hunts. If you're non-resident, and want a lower price, you can embark on firearm turkey hunting for the fall, only costing $110 ($190 for spring turkey season) for a non-resident.


    The northern and central part of Missouri is known for plenty of buck activity. There are also large areas of land open for public land, and there are certain lands that is open for bow hunting only. These open lands accommodate free camping as well, and there plenty of cheap motels in small towns to spend the weekend. For instance, you can get a double full bed for $54.95 a night, cheaper for single bed rooms, at Twelve Oaks Branson. Family apartments and kitchens are $119.95. Many of these motels are located close to hunting locales, and there are a lodgings located on hunting lands.


    If you can prove that you completed a hunter-approved certification course, you do not need to complete one in Missouri. If you are out of state, you can simply complete a course in your area and bring it with you to Missouri. You can also electronically verify your certification when you apply for a firearms permit. For bow hunting, you do not have to be bow-certified, but certain city limits may require the proper paperwork, along with certain landowners and corporate lands. The Missouri Department of Conservation merely recommends that all bow-hunters take a bow education course. Should you choose to take the course, some of the topics covered include rules and information specific to Missouri, safety, ethics, etc.

    If you have any question or information about bow hunting in Missouri, visit the MDC website for more information.

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