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    There's an old saying to the effect that there's more than one way to skin a cat. Well, as luck would have it, there is also more than one way to skin a deer. Depending on your level of commitment and the tools you have access to, skinning a deer can be an arduous process or one that goes by rather quickly. When it comes to skinning deer, like with all things in life, it is good to have options, and here are a few you may wish to add to your deer skinning arsenal.

    One way to skin a deer includes using something many of us already have in the garage, that being an air compressor. By pairing your air compressor with a regular ol' air needle, you can make deer skinning into a far easier process. Just insert the air needle beneath the skin of the deer and then attach the compressor hose. You will then see the deer appear inflate as air penetrates its body, separating skin from muscle. Thought it is a bit of an odd sight to see, the air compressor method is quite effective. You do need to insert the needle into various locations on the deer, such as the neck, legs, and rear end, flipping the deer over in the process, but the end result is skinning made easy.

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    Another option is to use a golf ball to skin a deer. At first glance, a golf ball probably doesn't strike you as very useful for this particular purpose, but when paired with a four wheeler or truck it is quite handy when it comes to getting your skinning job done. You will have to make all the necessary skinning cuts ahead of time before adding your golf ball, which should be placed at the back of the neck just behind the head. You want to pull free a portion of skin and wrap it around the golf ball, securing it in place. Next the golf ball needs to be affixed to a vehicle for pulling and the deer needs to be secured to a sturdy stationary object as well. Once this is gone, apply gentle pressure to the gas pedal to create a nice, slow, consistent tug and voila, your deer is skinned.

    Depending on the number of deer and the amount of moving about you may do throughout the state of Missouri while hunting whitetail, you may wish to incorporate something portable. A good option for this is a device such as the Herron Skinner which is a mobile skinning rack. This particular device plugs into your truck hitch and connects to the skin of a deer with button fasteners. Just get it started by applying these fasteners and making the necessary cuts, then finish the job with a hand crank. As you crank, the deer carcass goes up and the skin remains in place, separating the two with ease. This device is also useful for skinning other game animals as well.

    What it all comes down to is that skinning a deer can be as easy or tough as you make it. If you prefer to do it manually and years of practice have helped you get quick and efficient at it, then by all means continue down that path. However, if you are interested in making skinning a deer a quicker, easier process, then explore the videos below and see which option may work best for you.

    What is your preferred method of skinning a deer? Do you have any tips and tricks you swear by? Feel free to share them with us in the comments!

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