Dip Deer Skulls in Paint for an Awesome Custom Look

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    It is human nature to strive to be better, stronger, faster, and to have the coolest toys. We are naturally inclined to constantly try to outdo one another and stand out. Whether it is new guns, new bows, or new trucks, the competition amongst hunters can get pretty fierce.

    Another area in which we compete is the points on a buck. Everyone wants that trophy and the bragging rights that come along with it. Once we get it, we bring it home and proudly mount it to show it off to friends and family for as long as possible, or until a bigger, better trophy comes along. Though there are many traditional ways to show off your buck's rack via mount, why not step your game up and do something different that will make your mount stand apart from the rest?

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    Customizing your mount is actually pretty easy to do if you're going with a bare skull. For just a few dollars, you can create a mount that will not only look great but add a splash of color and uniqueness to your trophy collection. In order to get started, you're going to want to pick out a few colors you like and might want to incorporate together on your deer skull. That skull will need to be clean, dry, and free of any discoloration. The base of the antlers needs to be covered so they do not pick up any unwanted color; electrical tape is useful for this purpose.

    With your color choices in mind, head on down to your local home improvement store or big box store and pick up spray enamel paint in those colors. While you're there, look for a big tub you can use for dipping purposes should you not already have one at home. You are going to want something that will allow you to dip the skull without compromising the antlers, so be sure they will hang safely over the edge and out of the way or wrap them tightly if need be. With your supplies purchased, head back to the house and get ready to give your deer skull a one of a kind look.

    The process should begin with a base layer of enamel paint in a single color being sprayed onto the deer skull. Allow this to dry fully while you fill your rubber tub with water that is deep enough to submerge the deer skull completely. Once you are certain you have enough water, get your enamel paint out and start spraying the water's surface. In the center, spray a puddle of each color directly onto the water, starting with the base color. Continue spraying, alternating the colors, until you have alternated amongst them several times, then gently agitate the paint with a stick in order to swirl the colors together.

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    When your paint is ready, slowly begin to dunk the skull right into the center until fully submerged. You may notice the paint moving a bit as you dip, so feel free to move the skull about as you go in order to make the most contact with paint as possible. When the skull is fully under water, take your stick and push any paint remnants away before you pull the skull back out of the water. Allow to dry before removing tape and you're done!

    For just a couple of dollars and a little bit of time invested, this method will give you something truly unique. Even if you repeat the same color scheme, achieving the same pattern is pretty much impossible, so every paint dipped skull is sure to be unique. Give it a try and see for yourself what kind of interesting combinations you can create.

    Have you ever tried paint dipping skulls? What are your favorite color combinations? Tell us in the comments!

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