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    Many of us are eagerly awaiting the beginning of Missouri bow season and it won't be long now! Rather than kick back while you wait, however, there are plenty of preparations you could be taking so you are ready to go on opening day. There is nothing worse than getting out to the field and finding something amiss that sidelines you before you even get started, so get busy taking care of business in advance so your bow season will be off to a good start.

    Having your bow checked and tuned is an essential part of your whitetail hunting success. If it has been longer than six months since you had this done last, go ahead and take care of it now. While you're at it, replace the string if need be and adjust your sights. Once your bow is in tip top condition, make sure that you are as well. This means practicing, with both broadheads and field points, and exercising to ensure you're at the top of your game. Physical condition is just as important as good aim; get out and get moving so you will be able to trek through the woods with greater ease when bow season opens. Waiting to get fit until the last minute will hurt you when the time comes to call upon your body, as it may wind up lacking the capabilities you need to get to where you want to be.

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    With your bow and body ready, it is time to prepare your hunting clothes. Wash them and apply cover scents to detract from your natural smell. Be sure to apply scents that are native to the area you will be hunting, such as cedar. It doesn't matter if you smell like a tree as long as it is one that grows where you are; smelling like an unfamiliar tree is much the same as smelling like the being that you are. Once your clothes are washed and your scent covered, bag them and set them aside until the time comes to dress in the field.

    Don't forget the details, such as prepping your hunting pack. Should anything be missing, replace those items, along with ensuring all first aid items for yourself are not empty or expired. Toss in an extra knife and make sure your binoculars are clean. Once that is done, head outside to check feeders and ensure game cameras are functional. While you're out there, move anything that needs to be moved, such as blinds and stands. You do not want to make any major changes the day before the season opens as deer need time to adjust to changes in surroundings, so the sooner you make these preparations, the better.

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    Last but not least, brush up on hunting laws and regulations to ensure you will be in accordance with them at all times. Double check Missouri season dates and bag limits as well as applicable antler restrictions. Once you've done that, practice some more as there is no such thing as having too much skill.

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    You can never be too prepared, and in the case of whitetail hunting this is particularly true. Are there any season opening preparations you swear by or tips you have to share with others? Let us know in the comments!

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