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  1. Watch where you step: Snake Safety in Missouri

    A lot of the appeal of hunting is the peace and quiet it affords us as we wait patiently for our quarry. That is something many of us prefer to face undisturbed and as a result, we go it alone during all or part of the season. The seclusion we prefer can be interrupted by many things, however, with one of the most unwelcome visitors being snakes.
    Though snakes tend to den up during the cold months during whitetail season in Missouri, it is not impossible to stumble across one. After all, one...
  2. Bills on tap to tackle MDC, slash budget, make licenses nearly free

    In Jefferson City there are a number of bills on tap in the state legislature that aim to trim the Missouri Department of Conservation's budget by cutting the Conservation Tax while others pose to do everything from forcing the agency to pay $500 to every motorist hit by a state-controlled deer to mandating dead deer be tested for CWD.

    In all, there are over a half dozen bills pending for the 98th General Assembly of the Show Me State.
    (Image from MDC)

    The breakdown is as follows:

    HB 315...