Articles from christophereger

  1. The 2013-14 Missouri Deer Season by the numbers

    According to the MDC, over a quarter million deer were harvested by all methods this last season. We have the numbers and the analysis direct from the survey to find out just how your area stacked up against the rest of the state.
    Firearms it is

    Like usual, the highest number of deer harvested overall were during the firearms season, with some 157,272, almost 62% of all deer, taken during that season. However youth hunts accounted for nearly 20,000 all by themselves and unlike the regular...
  2. Safety First on the Trail

    With more than 230,000 deer harvested in the Missouri woods last season, more hunters than ever before are taking to the great outdoors of the state in search of bambi. However harvesting game is not the most important thing out there. Coming home safe is.

    Be seen
    The last thing you ever want to be in the woods is a target. This is the reason why we wear unbroken hunters orange during hunting season is that other hunters know that the bush rustling on the edge of that hill has a Derrick...