Attracting Deer In Missouri

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    Instead of going out and searching for deer, there are ways you can make the animals come to you. The state of Missouri is one of the best locations in the country for deer hunting, and you'll have no shortage of deer coming your way, if you know how to attract them. Whether it is in your backyard, or a designated piece of land, attracting deer is a simple process, if they are known to frequent the area. Attracting deer is also a good idea when camping or hunting on unfamiliar lands. The only drawbacks when it comes to luring deer is the possibility of other animals frequenting the area, and abiding by state law. But if getting deer to your location is on the agenda, there are some simple tips you can follow.

    Doe Scents

    Doe scents like urine is permissible under state law, as long as it is not used in conjunction with grain or food products. This is the most direct way of attracting deer, especially if you are trying to trap a healthy, young buck. You can purchase doe scents at any hunting store. Spread the scent on trees and leaves, and other places deer are known to frequent like water areas, trails, etc. Your best bet is to spread the deer around the area instead of placing it on yourself.

    Deer Feed

    The easiest way to attract them is to scatter feed around the location, but Missouri law forbids this tactic. Under Missouri law, the use of any feed that contains grain is prohibited. You can, however, use feed (as long as it contains no grain) 10 days prior to hunting. Luck Buck mineral is one form of bait that contains no grain. Feed is a great source of attraction; however, if feed is not feasible, you can still use salt licks.

    Salt Lick

    Salt licks are allowed, but is prohibited in the Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) Containment Zone. The only exception is any feed that is placed within 100 feet of any residence or building that is occupied. And you can place any feed, so long as it is not meant to lure deer into the area. The reason for this is to prevent deer from congregating to prevent spread of the disease. Check with the MDC for more information. But if you are allowed to use salt in your area, this is something that deer need to maintain their health, so having a salt block around can attract some attention. If you don't want your deer getting too close, place the salt licker in a more distant area. You can purchase salt licks at any hunting store, or you can make it yourself. Strategic locales for placing salt licks are near lakes, feeders or trails. As long as the salt lick does not contain any grain or minerals, then you're in the clear.

    If you're unsure about the method and legality for attracting deer and how it applies to your land, go to the Missouri Department of Conversation website for more information.

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