Question on Winchester M22 ammunition, quality and function wise.

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    Feb 5, 2005
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    I have a question concerning the Winchester M22 ammunition. Our Walmart has the 1000ct bricks for 50.89 40gr copper coated round nose. I am use to using the Winchester Wildcat and the super x 22lr . I did not want to give the M22 a try at 50.89 only to find out it is the same poor quality control as Federal 22lr rounds.
    We would be shooting it out of Marline tube fed rifles, Ruger 10/22's, Ruger Mark 11's and 111's , and Ruger single six revolvers.
    I have yet to have a failure to fire on a Winchester 22lr round. But have had a lot of failure to fire Federal and Remington 22lr rounds.