materbuilt smoker trouble. please help with suggestions

Discussion in 'Social Club' started by h_callahan, Apr 18, 2017.

  1. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county
    I have a masterbuilt electric smoker that will run for 4-5 min and then it will trip the GFI. I cleaned the coil and took apart the rheostat to check for corrosion and it all looks o.k. but 4 years of use does show. I don't know if I am missing something or just chalk it up to "its run its course and is just wore out"

    anyone have this problem ?

    suggestions are welcome.

  2. Fuldraw

    Fuldraw Fuldraw

    Dec 8, 2013
    Try a different outlet to see if the gfi is getting weak
    If it's not that idk

  3. UrbanHunter

    UrbanHunter Active Member

    Check and see if you have 2 GFI's in series. There can be only one (great quote from some movie somewhere).
    We had that somehow in our house, and I had to eliminate one.

    Also, (and I doubt this is the case) if you have a GFI breaker... lose it. They're funky. I can't run a brushed electric motor on my bedroom GFI circuit.
  4. pinwheel

    pinwheel Jenny's Lackey

    Jun 17, 2006
    middle of nowhere
    GFI is probably only 15 amp. Not heavy enough for the smoker.
  5. Dafish

    Dafish Senior Member

    Nov 24, 2010
    St. Peters

    MAJORTOM Active Member

    Mar 14, 2006
    At work as usual
    Check the connections at the heating element. Masterbuilts are notorious about the connections either overheating or corroding.
  7. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county
    I have 2 dedicated circuits with a 20 amp GFI. I ran these when i got the smoker figured i would do 2 when i was at it in case of needs down the road. Well same thing happens on both GFI. Plug it in let it run and after 4-5 min it will trip the gfi.
    There are no visible cracks or damage to the element.

    I would hate to drop money on it when i can't find the problem.

    guess i will give it another go on the connections to the element and clean them up even more.

    thanks for all the replies
  8. Meller

    Meller Active Member

    Sep 5, 2008
    Yes, in the rear, behind the plate. My masterbuilt has burned off 2 sets of connectors, one time energizing the entire unit so it would shock you if you touched the metal door latch. That would trip GFI for sure
  9. Clucker

    Clucker Active Member

    mine did yhe same thing after a couple of years,change the gfi out and has been good ever since.
  10. jehrbo

    jehrbo Full Fledged Member

    Ironically I have the exact same issue with mine, just haven't gotten around to messing with it yet.
    I had planned to change out the heating element, but trying it on a different circuit is a good idea. My GFI unit was replaced once, so i'm guessing it's 7 or 8ish years old.
  11. Perry

    Perry New Member

    I have one of the Masterbuilt smokers, it says Sportsman Elite on the front door. I believe the heating element in it is 1500 watt. Nothing is digital or automatic on it. So far no trouble with it, this is it's second year. I seldom turn the heat control over halfway or the temp. gets too high. I use a 12 gage cord on it. I have heard that those GFI plugins get weak over the years.
  12. OutbackBio

    OutbackBio New Member

    Had to replace the heating element on mine too. The connections fried. So far so good, knock on wood!
  13. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county

    i think this is the problem. thanks everyone
  14. Meller

    Meller Active Member

    Sep 5, 2008

    When you open it up be careful with the blade connectors on the element and you might be able to salvage the element itself and just replace the leads and connectors. If you order a new element it comes with new leads too. I've replaced mine twice.

    Long burns with a full load of deer sausage is too much prolonged heat for the connectors.
  15. h_callahan

    h_callahan Senior Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    warren county

    I have done a lot of long burns so this makes sense. did you order parts from masterbuilt or got them from somewhere else?

  16. Meller

    Meller Active Member

    Sep 5, 2008
    The problem isn't necessarily the long cook time, just that the burner can be "on" for hours trying to get a smoker of cold meat back up to temp.

    Once I called masterbuilt and they sold me a replacement. The other time I just googled and ordered online.
  17. Roscoe Dog

    Roscoe Dog Active Member

    Apr 15, 2003
    Maryland Heights,Mo
    I was given one with that problem. I bought high temp connectors and high temp wire. Soldered the connections and no problems with it over the 6 years that I have had it. The original connectors are crap and once they are burnt up they act like a resistor and draws more amps.
  18. coyotehunter

    coyotehunter PURE KILLER

    Jan 19, 2005
    Well all this talk made me scared of mine about 12 years old now so i looked at them at bp and menards today and then stopped at wally world and low and behold they had one for 99 dollars :D Well two csm,s later I walked out with one. I bet that sign is down Got it going now on three hour burn off so far so good.

    Thinking about putting one of those cold smoke adapters on this one that smokes for up to six hours on one feeding. That's the only problem I have is not enough smoke on lower temp cooking.

    Anybody got one and what do they think of it ?
  19. OutbackBio

    OutbackBio New Member

    I just use my AMAZ N SMOKE TUBE when I want to cold smoke.