Disease-associated prion protein detected in lymphoid tissues from pigs with CWD TSE

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    Feb 26, 2010
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    As usual your posts contain much information that is hard not to look at. In there are the hints of why we will get no where until science explores the reality of the problem not the politics.
    Of course Wisconsin and Iowa need looked at. IOWA has 14 watch counties 3 at least are not that far away from Hazelville. It sounds like they are also doing a version of the special cwd season.at least 15 deer are checked with more in the watch counties . there numbers for this year 2016/17 are 4,879 tested 12 positive.
    9 of the positives were from a small area in north east Iowa.
    Of course Wisconsin should be of interest to us. After all when cwd escaped from pens to free ranging deer there was a effort to wipe out all deer in a large area. After that plan went down in flames our approach does not use the term annihilation. Selective culling and additional sampling sounds better. Statewide they tested 6,075 deer and had 447 positives. What is reported does not include pen deer. Of course there governor Scott Walker is making sure that public money buys out infected pens after the disease has spread to the outside. i guess so they can go some where else and do it again.
    More fair numbers of free ranging deer in Wisconsin come when the southern zone is looked at . 3,707 deer were tested in that zone and it accounted for 442 of the 447 positives. Under 12 percent positive.
    The bat fertilizer being offered in support of the system in place in Missouri is trying to show a big difference in the prevalence of infection in Wisconsin where no additional deer are being removed and Illinois which was claiming to be keeping the positives to 1 percent.As proof a map was offered on a thread on this forum that showed Illinois and Wisconsin which both had there first positive in 2002. the area of spread in both states is vast . On that map each dot represents 10 positives . Count the Illinois dots there is zero chance that enough samples have been tested to back up that claim.On the other hand the 2016 Wisconsin results are not backing up the contention that the sky is falling.
    And still there is no real plan to deal with the genie of cwd to put her back into her bottle . Time keeps ticking at every tick it is getting closer to you whether you favor annihilating others deer or not.It is coming from Nebraska , Iowa , Illinois , Arkansas, Kansas,
    If you look harder at the information FLOUNDER has shared you see a system that is being politically correct or protective and science that is looking only at all things prion that is afraid to look at the cause, the real problem we have.
    In this offering under the category of the sky is falling is that the cool aid is soon to be infected with those dang prions in the water. Can anyone tell me how it is that a prion can supposedly last forever ? WOULD THAT NOT ALSO MEAN THAT THE NORMAL PROTEIN WOULD BE THE SAME WAY? DOES THAT MEAN THAT IN TIME THE EARTH WILL ONLY BE PROTEIN CELLS?
    Under the category of the pigs are in the corn what has been presented here is that it is highly likely that if pigs are not treated right , If they are housed in conditions that pigs are not meant to be in and fed foods that they were never adapted to eat they to will get a form of the disease.While the conventional wisdom from the part of the iceberg that is invisible is saying where no one can hear , don,t look here the hogs will be eaten before the disease can show up. But at what point will the ill effect of the disease in the form of those prions manifest themselves?

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    Another study that shows what can happen if introduction is manipulated. I wonder what they concentrated cwd to in order to get pigs to retain prions ? Some other research in the past has been unable to orally infect pigs.
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    Just more proof we need to start culling humans in order to test for cwd. Looks like all our food is contaminated. The apocalypse will start soon.:D
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    i once again had the sad and unsettling experience yesterday of having to speak with another family, and young family, having to deal with their young loved one dying from sporadic CJD. 22 years old. confirmed by biopsy. the culling of humans has been going on...