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black squirrel

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Default black squirrel

I saw a jet black squirrel while muzzleloader hunting this morning. I saw the same one during bow season in the same hickory stand.

My question is how rare are they? i have only seen two others in my hunting career

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There is one running around where I hunt at over in KS. I've always been tempted to shoot it and get it mounted. Never have though. Only one I've ever seen.

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we have a park in macon that has several black squirrels running around -- stephans park-- kinda neat..
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I always heard that they were not that uncommon.

Saying that,I've only seen 4 in my life.

Killed one several years ago,took it to the taxidermist to get it mounted eating on a shed antler...
Well, the taxis. freezer went out and lost my squirrel...Not to mention several deer capes.
I told him my squirrel was the least of worries.
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T Mall
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So they are kind of like a melanistic deer? Never seen one I dont think
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Yeah, if it was in MO it was a melanistic squirrel (like albino, but opposite)...

There are squirrel species that are black haired, but none are natural Missouri residents!



Oh, and they are EXTREMELY rare. I think I've read they're 60% rarer than albinos... BIO or someone can comment better though.
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Was it a big one?
When I lived in Battle Creek,Mi..there were a bunch..they were introduct by Dr.Kellog(of the cereal) back in 19dicketydoo..about double the size of a fox or gray.

Where I work in St.Joe we had some strange ones,every spring the babies had white tails only.It would slowly brown by fall except for the tip of the tail,about 1 inch.Probably 20 adults running around there that look normal with white tip tails.

No pics.
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There's a whole colony of them living near the Bolivar Primary School. Saw one road killed a couple of months back and actually felt bad.
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When I lived in IA they were everywhere.
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While hunting in Michigan about 12 years ago we saw tons of black squirrels. I don't know if they are the same specie of black squirrels here or not.

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