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Default Robert Talbot Ca

I'm thinking about checking out Talbot for bowhunting. Does anyone know nig about this place or had any luck?

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I have hunted there years ago. Seems like it was doe only or something like that.

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It's got some pretty good dove hunting. They do a lot of bait plots and such for doves. I don't know about the deer hunting there, though.

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We rabbit hunted it a few years ago. Snow was on the ground. Lots of deer sign near any woods. Never made it back to bowhunt it.

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Hunted there last couple years, never did any good. You're only allowed to take bucks only. I've never seen too many deer when I go out there, maybe that's why they made it bucks only to help the population grow.

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Lots of pressure, especially bow hunting--Never figured that out. There are other places with alot more deer. I wouldn't attempt it without a deer cart. Maybe some of the younger guys don't mind dragging a dead deer that far, but I've got better things to do.

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