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I do occasionally have perch that looked like they were swallowed then pulled out of a throat, but don't get why they aren't hooking the fish. That's gotta hurt.

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Sounds like a gar hole.

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I agree with a bunch of the others. Gar is probably your problem. Their mouths are too rigid (and their strike to skillful) to catch many lf them with a trotline hook.

The only way to combat it is to only bait JUST before dark or in the dark. Baits out during the day time are going to get knocked off by gar.

I have had a few issues with turtles in lake fishing, but nothing like the issues gars will cause.

There is one other thing that may be hurting you, and that is a tight main trotline. For some reason, a lot of folks think they need to be banjo-tight. This completely counter productive. It give the caught fish(and even a big bait) something sturdy to pull against to pull the hook loose. It also makes it to where a hooked big fish (really only a couple pound channel or blue) can REALLY make havoc is throwing the bait off your line.

One other thing, if at any point you are SNAPPING your main line down in the water, you are throwing off bait. Anyone that has ever fished with me knows this is one of my biggest gripes (I have several, I am a picky cuss. )

All of these things hurt you. All of these things added together, you are honestly wasting your time.
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One was tied bank to bank and had plenty of slack. The other was strung out from a point with a window weight to hold it. So I don't think that too tight of line was an issue but I will keep that in mind. I'll keep at it, it's kinda fun for a weekend.

Thanks for the opinions, I may be baiting too early, usually a couple hours before dark. I'll try that first.
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Ok fish Pomme for Catfish mainly with Rod and Reel.

Turtles drive me nuts there and I found there that Turtles will bite Stink Bait.

Pomme de Terre Lake Catfish.

Why - Catfish


The Big Grin chases Coons there.
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I've had the same problem on LOZ. I may bait in the afternoon with live bluegill, but always check them at or just after dark. Get up in the morning and check them only to find empty hooks. No slime on the lines.......just empty hooks! I run lines right off the dock with 9/0 or 10/0 circle hooks with 250# drop line with swivels and a screen door spring attached to the dock.

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